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*Celeb Judges*

the multi-Award Winning Founder of Goodie Girls Cupcakes
located in Glendale, California from shows such as Food Network's "Cupcakes Wars", CBS's "The Talk", or Fox News "Wednesday's Child".  Annette exuberates a joyous passion for creating a variety of baked delights through her valiant curiosity and enchanting talent.  She won the Season premiere of Cupcake Wars in Season 3 and went on to do a live on air demo of her Pumpkin Pancake Cupcakes and introduce the nation to her crafted "Cake-Ups" on CBS's "The Talk" co-hosting with Debi Mazar and Julie Chen.  She has been involved in numerous charity events ranging from St. Jude's, Red Cross, UCLA Medical Center, Love is Louder, ASPCA, Alta Med, Angel Acres and many more.   She has also been a go to Cupcakery for clients ranging from Zooey Magazine, Fox Cinemas, Disney, Dream Magazine, The Oscars, Grammy's, and shows/movies such as The Big Bang Theory, 2 1/2 Men, The Art of Getting By, Judy Moody, and Woman in Black.

Even more remarkable, aside from countless independent Instructional Culinary Sessions, Annette has never actually enrolled into any institutional Culinary Programs or attended Culinary School, but she's achieved acclaimed success only through her seasoned personal experience and pure creative determination.  

"Baking is a passion of mine and I create every cupcake with all my heart and soul.  Whether for a small occasion of getting together with Friends, BBQ's, Showers or a big event for Charities, Weddings, or Banquets I craft each batch as I was feeding my own family - it's who I am at the core.  I am lucky to have my whole family with me on this adventure including my rock star husband Anthony, my amazing father Doug and last but definitely the most influential, my step mom Stephanie.  Together we Rock the Cupcake World!"



Alison Riede, Food Network's Cupcake Wars Season 4 WINNER and founder of Sugar Cat Studio, is delighted to be a judge at Cupcake Camp Westlake Village. Alison opened Sugar Cat Studio, an independent cupcake catering business, which also offers handmade cupcake wrappers, in Santa Barbara in July 2010. Alison also offers gluten-free cupcakes, which she became especially passionate about after her sister was diagnosed with celiac disease. With degrees in Surface Pattern, Textile and Fashion Design from Syracuse University, her inspiration runs the gamut. From thrift store aisles, fashion runways, décor magazines and shows on Food Network, anything can spark an idea for a new cupcake wrapper design or cupcake flavor. Color combinations and patterns inspire her, and she loves flea market shopping and reading almost any food blog or magazine she can get her hands on. Her most popular cupcake flavors are white chocolate coconut, pink champagne, and anything cheesecake related. Alison's cupcake wrappers have been shipped worldwide for weddings in Paris, London, and Australia, and she's also created cupcake wrappers for the Academy Awards celebrity gifting suites. Alison bakes gourmet cupcakes for weddings, birthday parties, and other special events, and there isn't a cupcake flavor she won't try at least once! She's also donated cupcakes to fundraisers, most recently the Organic Soup Kitchen Jazz BBQ Fundraiser in Santa Barbara, and has partnered with Oreana Winery on select weekends to create unique wine and cupcake pairings. Alison welcomes custom requests, and would be delighted to bake cupcakes or create cupcake wrappers for your special event! 

The Cupcake Princess and Winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Season Two.  She is the Founder of Cupcake & Cookie, located right here in the Conejo Valley.   Dorothy has a passion for extraordinary desserts, so at Cupcake & Cookie they specialize in cupcake filled cookies™ and cookie filled cupcakes™ in unique flavor combinations.  Popular cupcake flavors include The Red Velvet (moist red velvet cupcake filled with pieces of cheesecake cookie bars, frosted with cream cheese frosting and garnished with crushed graham crackers), The Cupcake & Cookie (deep chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough and topped with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting) and the Cookie Jar (moist yellow cake filled with pieces of chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies and chocolate chip cookies and topped with fudge frosting).  Since they are a custom dessert bakery, Cupcake & Cookie can create any cupcake you dream of.  Cupcake & Cookie hand deliver and cater desserts throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties.  The Cupcake Princess also hosts cupcake decorating parties, where she will come to your event and teach you and your guests how to decorate cupcakes!  Cupcake & Cookie enjoy participating in fundraisers and donations, working with Make A Wish, community organizations, schools, fraternities, etc.  As Dorothy likes to say, “Cupcakes really can save the world!”.   Dorothy is so delighted to be a part of the 1 Annual Cupcake Camp Conejo Valley, and can’t wait to see you there!   For more information about Cupcake & Cookie, please visit:

David, a Los Angeles native, is a Cupcake Connoisseur, Husband, Father and operates is a super sweet blog full of Southern California cupcake news and fundraisers, features of cupcakes and cupcake stores and features his special Cupcake Crawls throughout the United States. Several posts cover cupcake stores from as far East as Panama City, Florida and as far west as Honolulu, Hawaii. Through David has raised over $ 5,000 for non-profits including: Cupcakes For Cancer, The Peacock Foundation, and many others! 

Anisa Tipton, MS, RD, CLC, a.k.a The Nutrition Mama Anisa Tipton is a registered dietitian, certified lactation counselor, consultant, wife and mother of two beautiful children (BenZion and Shiloh).  
Anisa received a B.S. in Nutrition from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.  After college, she successfully completed a dietetic internship with the State University of New York in Oneonta, NY and passed the national exam to become a registered dietitian.  After working in the field of clinical dietetics for 5 years, Anisa discovered that her interests in dietetics really came from a more alternative view point.  During that epiphany, Anisa decided to obtain a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition; she also became licensed in clinical esthetics, and certified in massage therapy.    As a professional in the field of dietetics, Anisa wanted to help other new mothers.  She decided to broaden her knowledge by becoming a certified lactation counselor.  After becoming a new mother again, Anisa noticed that there was little support for new mothers in Ventura County.  In 2010, Anisa created The Nutrition Mama, to help teach mothers how to create healthier, happier families by offering nutrition education and breastfeeding support services.  Anisa is passionate about being a mother and raising healthy children.  She hopes to share her knowledge with the other mothers in her community who have the common desire to create a lifetime of good eating habits and optimal health for their families.  

Christopher Benevides:

Christopher Benevides was born in providence Rhode Island, then moved out to Southern California at the young age of 8 years old. Christopher didn't develope his culinary skills or passion till a late age, it was one year after he graduated high school were he relized he did not want to go to college or go into the family business was not for him, and wanted to try his hand in the crazy culinary world. He went to Cordon Bleu in Southern Pasadena. In those 2 years that he was there he relized this is the crazy mixed up high pressure world he wanted to be in. After graduating top 10 in his class Christopher then went on to work in Los Angeles and San Diego, ...but he went back home to temecula to work because this is where family and friends are. There is where he decided he wanted to make his new culinary home and see what else he can learn and do to one day open is own mom & pop restaurant. 

Christopher is a wonderful passionate person that doesn't just care about the food he cooks but also about making sure the person eating his food is happy, satisfied and enjoying there time in his culinary world, so they enjoy every minute of there dinning experience with him. He believes the food taste that much better if you take care of the person eating your food making sure they are enjoying everything !!! Cause if they are happy when they leave, then that's were you know they will come back and be a part of Christopher crazy fun culinary family adventure! Now let the adventure begin!!

Youth Judges

Blakely Colvin
18 yr old Blake, founder and creator of Cupcakes for Cancer has a BIG sweet tooth-especially when it comes to Cupcakes - the more vanilla frosting and pink sprinkles the better! After baking over 5,000 cupcakes, granting 9 wishes for Make a Wish of the Tri-counties, donating $20,000 to The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara and raising an amazing $100,000 for children with cancer- all with silly $1 cupcakes- we think she is a SUGARY bet to help judge your cupcake treats! 
more info see: CUPCAKES FOR CANCER page.



11 year old Jessen is a current 5th grader at Sunset Elementary School in Oakview. Jessen loves cats, dragons and video games. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.) in December 2007 and started treatments at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara then transferred to Ventura County Medical Center to be closer to home.  Jessen is so happy to have celebrated the end of his 3 year course of treatments last Feburary 2012. His interests include science, computers, paleontology and welding! He can't wait to  enjoy tasting those wonderful cupcakes! GOD BLESS you Jessen and your health!

BRYANA INOUYE              
I am a senior at Moorpark High School and I am Miss Teen Ventura County Intl.  Since I could talk, I always wanted to be a princess.  My freshmen year in high school, I found out about the International Pageant system and immediately wanted to compete.  This past year I was fortunate enough to capture my current title. The International system is great -- it gets young women involved in their community because this pageant system focuses largely on community involvement.  My first platform was Soles4Soles and I collected over 1,000 pairs of shoes and donated them to people who have never had a pair of shoes.  The platform I am working with now is Go Red for Women through the American Heart Association, which spreads awareness about women's heart disease.  I chose this platform after seeing what my best friend has gone through with four heart surgeries, and still struggling with heart issues.  I have learned so much from the Gushwa Family - Crowning Glory Productions - this past year, who have treated me like their own daughter. I have grown a lot working with various charities since I won my title.
My hobby is baking!  My mother was a professional baker, and I have had fun creating all kinds of goodies throughout my childhood. I am excited to be a Judge for the Cupcakes for Cancer and to be able to help this fund raiser in any way that I can.

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