CUPCAKE CAMP Conejo Valley - welcome...

CUPCAKE CAMP Conejo Valley
will be a cupcake taster's PARADISE ... plus we are planning some pretty  SWEET  contests and activities for YOU
to participate in!
CAKE AUCTION no fee!                                                           

Cake baking goes back generations. Many people think cake-making is an art too complex for the novice even to attempt.
NOT SO! With proper preparation and a
little practice, anyone can produce a show-stopper! AND here is YOUR chance! Whether you love to create the un-adorned pound cake or a sugar-spun fantasy WE WANT YOUR CAKE'S and to AUCTION them too!
In honor of the old fashion Cake Auction, your cake entries
will be displayed like frosted jewels, judged and then auctioned off to Cupcake Camp Attendee's. By submitting your cake you will have a chance to show-off your cake-making as well as to help raise funds for The Cancer Support Community. We will accept towering show-stopping classics, the plain-janes, as well as cakes that boast the bounty of winter harvest. YOU decide! Be creative try a new recipe or use your most cherished family recipe!
We will welcome all Cakes with open arms & mouths!
call stephanie directly 805.448.7336
Cake bakers deliver your Cake promptly at 12 noon!
Cake submitted on plate/cardboard you do not need returned  
  • Cake should be labeled
  • Include 3 x 5 index card with your name, description of cake, and fun story about your recipe. (maybe this is the recipe you bake only on your kids birthday or a recipe your 80 year old neighbor passed on to you 30 years ago ...we want to hear your CAKE-TALE!
  • Your Cake-Tale will be shared as cake is auctioned
  • Each Cake auctioned off with the start price of $20
 TO ENTER YOUR CAKE please call Stephanie directly 805.448.7336
Cupcake Eating Contest
We are looking for some CRAZY cupcake lovers to join in the fun! We'll provide the cupcakes and cold milk - you supply the chompers & appetite!

This event will take place at the end of CupcakeCamp.
 So grab a couple friends - sign up soon!
**please contact Stephanie directly at
805. 448. 7336
If you handcraft an item that reflects the adored cupcake and you would like to sell your item at our 
 Cupcake Boutique!    

  • Vendors 20% raised at event to Cupcakes for Cancer-due event day
  • There will be a designated area for the Cupcake Boutique-we provide 6ft table (if you have your own table -super helpful!)
  • Boutique spots are limited - contact early!
 Contact Stephanie directly at 
      or   805.448.7336
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